Raniver Felgrund


Age 176

Lifepaths *Citadel Born * Wanderer * Soldier-Protector * Sword Singer * Ranger

Concept *Young, over-achieving, military-minded eager elf

Traits *Sword of the White Towers * Eager

Stats *Will B5 *Perception B6 *Power B5 *Agility B6 *Forte B5 *Speed B4 *Health B6

Physical/Mental Attributes *Steel G4 *Reflexes B5 *Mortal Wound B11

Skills *Elvin Script B2 *Song of Path/Ways B3 *Song of the Sword B5 *Rhyme of Pathfinder B4 *Alarm B2 *Sword B6 *Knives B3 *Brawling B3 *Observation B5 *Stealth B6 *Scavenging B3 *Ambush-Wise B2 *Climbing B2 *Sprint Training *Armor Training *Shield Training

  1. Be a true soldier and perform my job above and beyond the call of duty
  2. Give protection to my scouting party at any cost
  3. Use discipline over talent
  1. Yell when I swing my sword
  2. Carry my sword at all times
  3. Don’t trust people outside my clan
  • Chainmail
  • Elven Sword
  • Traveling Gear
  • Elven Shoes & Clothes

Raniver Felgrund

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