Wanderers often bring back tales of the outside world from their wanderings. It is from these individuals that our knowledge of the outside originates.

Just a short voyage east from Sylvian lies the lands of Katár, the land of a thousand kingdoms, or a thousand wonders, a thousand horrors, also a thousand mysteries, and lies, riches, heroes, villains, demons, swordsmen, shrines, and pleasures are all supposed to number in the thousand in these lands. At least that is what the tales would have one believe.

The peoples are mostly made up of the younger races: the Humans, and the Roden. Apes and Mice, neither are worthy of much notice, except they breed faster than a Sword Singer’s blade can split an Orc. They are also rather quarrelsome between each other , and even amongst themselves. They also seem to take offense as easily as the wind changes, and for as much reason.

Occasionally one will come across a Dwarf or even one of our cousins the Orcs, but these only rarely. Also prowling the outer regions of Katár are the Great Wolves. The Great Spiders conduct a brisk business selling their silks to the young races, so a delegation of them is not unheard of either.

Known Places;



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