The Journey of Lathron

What shall we listen to as we progress on this journey?

The nay sayers who say all is well? The prophets of doom who say there is no hope? The jealousy and bitterness that threatens to divide us a people? The love and anger of lives together as a nation? The fear and hope that dance in our hearts? The sadness of old dreams lost or joy and jumble of new dreams that fill our minds? Or the alternately gentle and merciless wind that blows us like leaves across the world?


A day out into our journey and the wind wants not to be ignored, for her power not to slighted. Indeed, I suspect her power has not been ignored, the question is who spent such energy to harness her and use her against us both in strength and in weakness. Such powers are not to be trifled with idly so someone of great ability considers it of great importance to impede us.

At least we are blessed with number of well-meaning and well abled companions for this journey. [a short description of each follows – hopefully later]

Seeping Blood and Soothing Voice

… it is a good thing my cousin gave me this cloak. It has been a scant eighty years since I have been amongst the younger races and I have forgotten what a hasty and dangerous folk they can be. Our first encounter with them already deadly in attempting to preserve life. And I unable to save the last. I still have so much still to learn of the arts of healing. I remember with sadness my last journey out and failed attempt to learn this new human “science” called “surgery.” Alas it probably would have been helpful here.

But I digress, my cousin knew well what he was doing when he this cloak made for me and this journey. I would have blithely walked into the village to attempt words of friendship and peace but I agree now with Galadranion’s words of caution and excellent plan of action. Yes subtlety and discression will be called for many times. It appears that in my loss and sorrow I have become hasty as the humans are, even as poor King Beleg was. May his spirit find peace. Well it was refreshing to sing with Galadranion old songs of beauty. He has a fine voice and a keen mind. I am sure we will all be glad for his company many times over on this journey.

The Journey of Lathron

Leaves on the Wind Compost