The Rising Star Journal

Captain’s Log – Silver Star date 3.8.21492 Many don’t believe in the prophecies about our impending doom. Those who do believe have asked that I lead a small squad of scouts in search of our new homeland. Over the centuries we have heard rumors of forests so vast that one could wander them for years without reaching the end. It is these ‘oceans’ of trees that I will seek. But I must pass through many lands inhabited by the younger races and even a few of the elder races. I will find these ‘oceans’ of trees and claim them in the name of the Oberron and the Sylvian nation. Time is short, we have only a few decades left before the first of the prophecies are fulfilled.

We have finally set sail after years of debates and preparations. After several years, my requests for personnel have finally been fulfilled. I have a small squad of scouts plus additional support personnel. My friend and comrade in arms Mellonanu has agreed to be my second in command. He will lead half the squad and protect our flanks while we search. My request for a healer was granted by the addition of Loremaster Lathron. I have been told he is both a healer and Loremaster, wise in the ways of herbs and forests. I have also been granted the services of a bard, Galadranion. Since we have no idea as to how long our search will last it will be left to him to remind us of our homeland and our purpose. It will also be left to him to immortalize me and my band once we have found the way and lead our people to our new homeland. I will rely heavily upon the services of my talented scouts, Melldur and Leena. Each has a unique set of skills that will be of use once we land on Katar. Melldur has travelled among the younger races for years and is very adept at going unnoticed. I know little of Leena other than the fact that she is a talented ranger and lived among the humans for several years. The rest of my band is made up from the normal military scouts. Of them only one appears to have any true potential, Raniver. He comes highly recommended as an unorthodox scout. I have been told that he is a fellow Sword-Singer that is wrapped in a Rangers body.

I have made arrangements with Captain Nenir of the “Eruanneargrond” to ferry us to Katar. He is to take us as far west by sea as possible. This should take several weeks off our expedition. The good Captain has assured me of fair skies and calm seas during our journey. However Galadranion has suggested that we wait for another ship because of the impending storm. I’ve not gotten a clear answer but I believe there to be some bad history between the good Captain and our Bard.

Captain’s Log – Silver Star date 5.8.21492 It appears our Bard’s predictions of ill weather were well founded. We have spent the past few days in the eye a very bad storm. Even those of us that are normally hardy have found it necessary to partake of our Loremaster’s tea. At one point during the storm, I am told, part of our mast broke.

Captain’s Log – Silver Star date 8.8.21492 In a contradiction to our first few days the past 3 days have been spent upon an unnaturally calm sea. There hasn’t been a breeze in several days. It appears that we have powerful enemies who wish me to fail in my mission.

I have also learned that just prior to departing, Galadranion received word of a small force of soldiers was coming to escort Leena back to her Uncle’s tower. So I believe that it is he that is behind this foul weather. When I return home I will have to inquire about him and his ties.

Captain’s Log – Silver Star date 9.8.21492 Our good Captain and Bard have combined their talents have managed to summon a slight breeze to carry us to the mainland. I have been told that we are much farther south than expected and with a broken mast we must make landfall soon. I have decided that we will part with our good Captain and his ship and begin our trek across Katar.

Captain’s Log – Silver Star date 11.8.21492 We have made land and said our goodbyes to the good Captain and crew. Odd, he seems unusually happy to be rid of us, especially Galadranion. I have sent Mellonanu and several scouts to flank us to the south while we travel along the coastline. That done it is time to send out my scouts and recon the surrounding area.

Captain’s Log – Silver Star date 15.8.21492 After several days our scouts have reported smoke from a distant settlement. Size, location and intent are still unknown. It appears to be located up stream on a good sized river. I have ordered them to lead us towards it and to recon it.

Captain’s Log – Silver Star date 18.8.21492 Our scouts returned late this evening. They returned with ill news and a prisoner. Upon approaching the settlement they happened upon a hostile/stealthy group of humans upon the distant shore of the river. After following them towards the settlement they happened upon a loan human boy sitting upon the shore of the river. After a brief skirmish 2 humans were dead and 1 severely wounded and the 4th escaped. Our good loremaster, Lathron, who doubles as our soother attempted to heal the human. Unfortunately he is still working on his skills and was unable to save the human. With Leena out scouting the area, we were unable to communicate with the human.

After some debate I have decided that we would have Galadranion distract the humans in the settlement with a song while Melldur sneaks into the village and returns the human boy’s flute along with a wreath of flowers. We will then observe the settlement to determine if contact with them is still possible.

However I am beginning to rethink contacting humans this far south. Regardless of the route our exodus takes i truly doubt that it would be this far south. If we go the way i think we should go we would bypass this area by ship. If we follow Galadranion’s directions then we are on the far south side of the inland sea and our path would be across the north shores. Either way i am believe this may not be a wise course of action. We will see…

The Rising Star Journal

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